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:bulletred: June 1, 2014: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Greetings, everyone. I'm Isabelle the Growlithe of TheTownHall. Here is the most recent and utterly important information I can share with you...
    I, Isabelle, am here to let everyone know of a very important announcement: PKMN-Crossing is retiring and will be closed off as of today (June 1, 2014) onward. This news may not be surprising to some, while to others it may provide a range of different emotions.

    Though there was a summer opening planned to accept new members, the steady decline in activity since late 2013 has led the town council to believe it would be best not to open Pokette's doors again; rather, all aspects of the group will be shutting down. This includes the group's deviantArt chat rooms, member removal, and all official PKMN-Crossing submissions will be stored in my filing cabinets. I kindly request that anybody who may have copies of these files (journal writings, graphics, group application, etc) to please delete them. No one is allowed to use the group's official files, heavily re-create them for personal use, or to re-create PKMN-Crossing with our content. Thank you for understanding.

    We will be leaving the galleries as they are, harboring fond memories of the group's history. As former Pokette residents, those who have contributed to PKMN-Crossing over the years may choose to leave their submissions in the group gallery or choose to remove/delete them. You may also continue to use your character for whatever you wish! We realize that some people feel a character is stuck to a single group -- or that the group owns them -- and that they are not allowed to do other things with them. We own no creation of your creative license! Your characters and ideas are all your own. We respect that very much, so please enjoy what you have created!

    Please understand that no blame is to be had for PKMN-Crossing's closing. Interests change, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, there is only so much you can do with a setting as laid back as Animal Crossing -- which is the group's primary inspiration and always has been. Not only that, but we have seen that a large portion of those who have been with us have gone on to bigger and better things: both online and in real life. Life takes priority over an online group, as we've always said. We would like to thank you very, very much for sharing part of your time with us! It has been a joy to connect with such a gifted community. We hope that you may feel the same way. We would also like to add that the former moderation team has no interest in passing on ownership of the group to anyone at the time. Please respect that decision.

    As the Town Hall secretary, I must kindly ask that no one approach the former moderation team members of the choice to close down the group through their profiles or notes. They are no longer a part of the group and should be allowed to relax peacefully after all the hard work they put forth during their time here. In fact, everyone deserves a good rest, in my opinion!

    Perhaps, one day, if energies are re-ignited and if there is a strong enough interest in PKMN-Crossing's return, we can work together to bring it back to the active and friendly community it once was. Things may change a lot within this group if that opportunity ever arises, but only time will tell if that day arrives. If it does not happen, then it does not, and we have come to terms with that. Meanwhile, the whole of Pokette has fostered so many excellent memories and had a fantastic, long-standing run! We are all blown away over how much support this group has received in its lifespan. For now, all I can say is please have a safe and happy future, to all of you. Thank you for all your time, energy, effort, and support. I have loved working with everyone as Pokette's secretary, and having you here in Pokette Town. I wish only the best for you from here on out. Perhaps one day, our paths may cross once again! Take care!!

    Sincerely, Mayoral Secretary Isabelle (TheTownHall)

    • PKMN-Crossing is now a closed and inactive group, as of June 1, 2014
    • The use of PKMN-Crossing graphics and content is NOT allowed! Owners retain all rights to their individual works.
    • Decision to close has been pending since Autumn 2013 due to steep activity decline
    • Moderation team has retired. Please do not approach/harass them on PKMN-Crossing matters.
    • Group is in "sleep mode" and may one day re-open with changes to many aspects. This, however, is NOT a concrete decision.
    • Thank you for being a member/watcher. We hope to see you again one day!

    ACNL Isabelle icon by RRRAI

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