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Bells Bank

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 10:22 PM
Welcome to the Automatic Bell Dispenser system, better known as the ABD, for short. It is here that you can view the amount of Bells that you can earn through submitting works of art to the group.

You can view how many Bells you have with the Bank of Poketopia from your hard worked earnings. The ABD also tracks other important, individual data that involves the currency: such as donations for a project, payments to your home loan, and so forth.

:pokeball: ART TO BELLS CHART :pokeball:

:bulletyellow: Sketch = 100 Bells
:bulletyellow: Flat color = 500 Bells
:bulletyellow: Full color = 2000 Bells
:bulletyellow: + Scenery = 500 Bells
:bulletyellow: + (Per) Character = 300 Bells
:bulletyellow: + (Per) Comic frame = 200 Bells
:bulletyellow: + Pixel Art = 200 Bells
:bulletyellow: + Animation = 400 Bells
:bulletyellow: + Meme = 100 Bells
:bulletyellow: + Event/Contest = 700 Bells
:bulletyellow: Writings/RP Logs = 2 Bells per word

:pokeball: BANK ACCOUNTS :pokeball:

To make organization easier, we keep track of all group member information via Google docs.

All accounts are listed in alphabetical order by dA username. If you'd like to find your name quickly, use your internet search function, AKA the F3 button, and type in your username. The text will be highlighted. Click the link below to view the document!

:pointr: RESIDENT BANK ACCOUNTS :pointl:
Last updated: April 24, 2014

Town Improvement Fund

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 9:09 PM
Greetings! Welcome to the Town Hall! As you can see, our fair town is a bit bare at the moment in time, and a lot of repairs could be used to spruce up the place to really make it shine! It is here that you can come to us to donate those hard earned Bells towards a current construction project. The more Bells that we donate as a community, the sooner our town has improvements. Our dream is to make Pokette Town a wonderful place to live! But sadly, we cannot do it without your help.

If you would like to donate some Bells from your Bank Account, please comment on this journal with how much you would like to donate towards the current project! Our helpful Gyroid named Lloid will happily accept your patronage. Your donation will be screened, authorized, and added to the building project that Lloid will be overseeing! Please remember: you cannot take your donation(s) back once it is officially authorized, and you must have a valid amount of Bells in your account for the transaction to take place.

We hope that we can all work together to make Pokette Town a truly magnificent place for everyone to live!

:star: UPDATED: December 8, 2013

:pokeball: DONATION REWARDS :pokeball:

Residents who donate a certain amount of Bells towards public work projects will receive a colorful feather as a special item to add to their collection! For each feather you earn, the color name of the feather will be added to your Bells Bank account; where we keep track of all group member information via Google docs.

To earn a feather, you must donate the exact amount of Bells to receive the colored feather of your choosing, which will be sent to you via dA notes.

:bulletgreen: Green Feather: Donate 1,000 Bells
:bulletblue: Blue Feather: Donate 3,000 Bells
:bulletyellow: Yellow Feather: Donate 5,000 Bells
:bulletred: Red Feather: Donate 8,000 Bells
:bulletpurple: Purple Feather: Donate 10,000 Bells
:bulletorange: Orange Feather: Donate 15,000 Bells
:bulletpink: Pink Feather: Donate 20,000 Bells
:bulletwhite: White Feather: Donate 25,000 Bells
:bulletblack: Black Feather: Donate 30,000 Bells
:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblack: Silver (Wing) Feather: Donate 40,000 Bells
:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletgreen: Rainbow (Wing) Feather: Donate 50,000 Bells
:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue: Character Unlocked Pin: Collect all colored feathers and provide steady activity in the group. Rewarded to those who are active members of the PKMN-Crossing community, and allows a second character application to be applied

:pokeball: PUBLIC WORK PROJECTS :pokeball:

Here we have various public work projects that residents can help to donate towards in order to improve Pokette Town! One slow step at a time! We feel that it is much more effective to focus on one construction area at a time, as opposed to splitting all those Bells to various works at once!

The community will be able to choose which public project they would like to place into effect via the group polls. Once the majority has chosen, it is then that the community can choose from several areas on the Town Map as to where the project should be built. When this process is complete, our Gyroid helper named Lloid will begin accepting donations for the construction project! Fees and the like are very costly, after all. Were counting on everyone's support!

When the project meets our target goal in Bell funds, the project will be built! Once it is done, it will be made available for all to enjoy. Projects marked with a "►" symbol are major projects that will appear on the map. Minor projects will not appear on the visual map and are only for aesthetics. Additional areas will have small scenery images that will be linked to the Town Map, so a general idea is given of what is available in that area.


►Pokémon Island (Additional area + map) [ GOAL REACHED! UNDER CONSTRUCTION ]
Museum (NPC blog. Additional collections)
►Café (NPC blog) [ UNAVAILABLE ]
Dream Suite (NPC blog) [ UNAVAILABLE ]
Fortune Teller (NPC blog)
Garden Shop (NPC blog)
Berry Orchard (Additional area) [ LOCKED: Unlock Garden Shop ]
Happy Home Academy (NPC blog) [ UNAVAILABLE ]
Night Club
Black Market (NPC blog)
►Public Garden (Additional area + map)
Flower Bed [ LOCKED: Unlock Public Garden ]
Scarecrow [ LOCKED: Unlock Public Garden ]
Pokéball Topiary [ LOCKED: Unlock Public Garden ]
Archway (Flower, Balloon, or Illuminated) [ LOCKED: Unlock Public Garden ]
Garden Patio Set [ LOCKED: Unlock Public Garden ]
Camp Grounds (Additional area)
Campfire [ LOCKED: Unlock Camp Grounds ]
Hammock [ LOCKED: Unlock Camp Grounds ]
Picnic Blanket [ LOCKED: Camp Grounds ]
Playground (Additional area)
Sandbox [ LOCKED: Unlock Playground ]
Jungle Gym [ LOCKED: Unlock Playground ]
Swing Set [ LOCKED: Unlock Playground ]
Water Well
►Water Fountain
Small Flower Bed
Combee Hives
Hotsprings (Additional area)
Bronzong Bell
Totem Poll
Nosepass Statue
Stone Sculpture
Fire Torch

:pokeball: PROJECT DONATORS :pokeball:

To make organization easier, we keep track of all group member information via Google docs.

All information is set on the Bells Bank doc. Donators are listed in alphabetical order by dA username. If you'd like to find your name quickly, use your internet search function, AKA the F3 button, and type in your username. The text will be highlighted. You can view the amount of Bells you have donated, as well as the donation rewards you may have earned. Click the link below to view the document!

Museum Collection

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 8:56 PM
Hoo hoo! Welcome to Pokette Towns' grand Museum! Here we hold and showcase 5 different categories for the cultural and educational study of Pokette: Bugs, Fish, Fossils, and Art.

Below on the Bugs, Fish, and Fossil lists, you may see crossed off names. A specimen that has a strike going through it means that the Museum has not yet received that donation. However, if it is not striked out, it has been donated successfully! The member who donated the wonderful specimen will be recognized for their kind contribution by username.

Some creatures only come out during a certain season or weather condition. Some are a very rare find. These certain conditions (if needed) must be shown in the donation's image, else it may be considered void for donation.

The maximum amount of donations one can submit (per person) are 6 of any category. If you are unsure as to how to donate a specimen of any kind, please refer to our FAQ journal for more information! Bugs, Fish, and Fossils are all Pokemon, and have been organized by generation, then evolution.

Take a look at our lovely exhibits down below, won't you? We promise you won't be disappointed, wot wot! You may also jump to a certain exhibit list using these quick links, instead of scrolling:


PKMNC - Museum: Bug Section by TamarinFrogPKMNC - Museum: Fish Section by TamarinFrogPKMNC - Museum: Fossil Section by TamarinFrog
* Exhibit art made by TamarinFrog *

:bulletgreen:  BUG EXHIBIT :bulletgreen:

Caterpie: Spring - Summer
Metapod: Spring - Summer; Trees
Butterfree: Spring - Summer
Weedle: Spring
Kakuna: Spring - Fall; Trees

Beedrill: All year; Trees ~ DONATED BY Wyndbain
Paras: Fall; Morning + Rain
Parasect: Fall; Morning + Rain
Venonat: Summer - Fall; Nights
Venomoth: Summer - Fall; Nights
Scyther: Spring - Summer
Scizor: Spring - Summer *RARE*
Pinser: Summer
Ledyba: Spring - Summer
Ledian: Spring - Summer
Spinarak: Spring - Summer; Trees
Ariados: Summer - Fall; Trees
Yanma: Summer
Yanmega: Summer *RARE*
Pineco: Spring - Fall; Trees
Shuckle: Summer; Beach Shore *RARE*
Heracross: Summer *RARE*
Slugma: Spring - Fall; Rain
Magcargo: Spring - Fall; Rainy weather *RARE*
Wurmple: Spring - Summer
Silcoon: Spring - Summer; Trees
Beautifly: Spring - Summer *RARE*
Cascoon: Spring - Summer; Trees
Dustox: Spring - Summer; Nights
Surskit: Spring - Summer; Ponds

Masquerain: Spring ~ DONATED BY Eversparks
Nincada: Spring - Summer
Ninjask: Summer ~ DONATED BY Fire-Girl872 (Past Member)
Shedinja: Summer *RARE*
Volbeat: Summer ~ DONATED BY Volmise
Illumise: Summer ~ DONATED by Volmise
Anorith: Summer; Beach Shore
Armaldo: Summer; Beach Shore *RARE*

Trapinch: Fall - Winter; Underground ~ DONATED BY HibiWiki (Past Member)
Vibrava: Summer
Kricketot: Summer - Fall

Kicketune: Summer - Fall ~ DONATED BY Vuro
Burmy: Spring
Wormadam (Plant): Spring
Wormadam (Sandy): Spring - Summer
Wormadam (Trash): Spring - Fall
Mothim: Spring; Nights *RARE*
Combee: Spring

Vespiquen: All year *RARE* ~ DONATED BY: 1wordinsane & Lhumina
Skorupi: Summer - Fall ~ DONATED BY KayVeeDee
Drapion: Summer - Fall *RARE* ~ DONATED BY KayVeeDee
Sewaddle: Spring - Summer
Swadloon: Spring - Summer ~ DONATED BY Noyiibat (Past Member)
Leavanny: Spring - Summer
Venipede: Spring - Fall ~ DONATED BY lady-obsessed
Whirlipede: Spring - Fall
Scolipede: Spring - Fall

Dwebble: Spring - Fall; Beach Shore ~ DONATED BY MacAttack3 (Past Member)
Crustle: Spring - Fall; Beach Shore
Karablast: Summer

Joltik: Spring - Summer; On residents ~ DONATED BY summermon
Galvantula: Summer - Fall *RARE* :: DONATED BY RabiesGirl
Shelmet: Spring; Rainy weather
Durant: All year ~ DONATED BY AubArt3
Larvesta: Summer
Volcarona: Summer *RARE*
Scatterbug: All year

Spewpa: Spring - Fall :: DONATED BY Seffiron
Vivillion: Spring - Fall
Goomy: Spring - Fall; Ponds + Rain *RARE*
Sliggoo: Spring - Fall; Ponds + Rain *RARE*

:bulletblue: FISH EXHIBIT :bulletblue:

Squirtle: Spring - Summer
Wartortle: Spring - Summer
Poliwag: Spring; Ponds
Politoed: Spring - Summer; Ponds
Tentacool: Summer; Ocean
Tentacruel: Summer; Ocean

Shellder: All year; Ocean + Diving ~ DONATED BY Noyiibat (Past Member)
Cloyster: All year; Ocean + Diving *Rare*
Krabby: All year; Ocean + Diving ~ DONATED BY Millie931 (Past Member)
Kingler: Fall - Winter; Ocean + Diving *RARE*
Horsea: Summer; Ocean
Seadra: Summer; Ocean *RARE*
Kingdra: Summer - Fall; Ocean *RARE*

Goldeen: All year ~ DONATED BY IllustratorAndy (Past Member)
Seaking: All year
Staryu: Spring - Summer; Ocean + Diving
Starmie: Summer - Fall; Ocean + Diving *RARE*

Magikarp: All year ~ DONATED BY RabbiSplosion (Past Member)
Gyarados: Summer - Winter; Ocean + Rainy days *RARE* ~ DONATED BY Myrmadon (Past Member)
Red Gyarados: *EVENT ONLY*
Omanyte: Summer; Ocean + Diving ~ DONATED BY mightycucumber
Omastar: Summer; Ocean + Diving *RARE*
Kabuto: Summer; Ocean + Diving
Wooper: Spring - Summer; Ponds
Chinchou: Summer; Ocean + Nights

Lanturn: Summer; Ocean + Nights ~ DONATED BY Volmise
Qwilfish: All Year; Ocean ~ DONATED BY Jwaterworks
Corsola: Summer; Ocean
Remoraid: Spring - Summer
Octillery: Summer; Ocean
Mantyke: Spring - Summer; Ocean
Mantine: Spring - Summer; Ocean *RARE*
Carvanha: Summer - Winter
Sharpedo: Summer; Ocean
Barboach: Spring - Fall

Whiscash: All year; Nights ~ DONATED BY SeleneTheWerewolf (Past Member)
Corphish: Summer; Ponds
Crawdaunt: Summer; Ponds *RARE*

Feebas: Fall - Winter; Ocean *RARE* ~ DONATED BY KayVeeDee
Clamperl: All year; Ocean ~ DONATED BY FrightFox
Huntail: Fall; Ocean + Diving *RARE* ~ DONATED BY Lhumina
Gorebyss: Summer; Ocean + Diving *RARE*
Relicanth: Winter; Ocean + Rainy days *RARE*

Luvdisc: Spring - Fall ~ DONATED BY bullwelsh (Past Member)
Shellos (Pink): Spring - Summer; Ocean + Diving
Shellos (Blue): Spring - Summer; Ocean + Diving
Gastrodon (Pink): Spring - Summer; Ocean + Diving
Gastrodon (Blue): Spring - Summer; Ocean + Diving

Finneon: Summer - Winter; Nights ~ DONATED BY: erasetheinside
Lumineon: Summer - Winter; Nights *RARE* ~ DONATED BY TamarinFrog
Phione: Winter; Ocean *EVENT ONLY*
Manaphy: Winter; Ocean *EVENT ONLY* ~ DONATED BY TamarinFrog
Tympole: Summer; Ponds ~ DONATED BY MuseGamer
Palpitoad: Summer; Ponds
Seismitoad: Summer; Ponds *RARE*
Basculin (Red): Winter

Basculin (Blue): Winter ~ DONATED BY CooCatDiva
Frillish (Male): Summer; Ocean
Frillish (Female): Summer; Ocean
Jellicent (Male): Summer; Ocean *RARE*
Jellicent (Female): Summer; Ocean *RARE*
Alomomola: Summer; Ocean *RARE*

Tynamo: Spring - Summer; Ponds ~ DONATED BY Fairymoonchaser (Past Member)
Elektrik: Spring - Summer
Eelektross: Spring - Summer *RARE*
Stunfisk: Spring - Summer; Ocean
Inkay: Spring - Summer; Ocean
Malamar: Spring - Summer; Ocean *RARE*
Binacle: All year; Ocean + Diving
Skrelp: Spring - Summer; Ocean
Dragalge: Spring - Summer; Ocean *RARE*
Clauncher: Summer - Fall; Ocean
Clawitzer: Summer - Fall; Ocean *RARE*

:bulletwhite: FOSSIL EXHIBIT :bulletwhite:

Omanyte ~ DONATED BY Cyanide-Tea (Past Member)
Kabuto ~ DONATED BY dragoon4456555
Kabutops: Torso
Kabutops: Sickle
Kabutops: Skull
Aerodactyl: Torso
Aerodactyl: Left Wing
Aerodactyl: Right Wing
Aerodactyl: Skull
Dragonite: Torso
Dragonite: Tail
Dragonite: Skull
Regirock *EVENT ONLY*
Cranidos: Torso
Cranidos: Skull

Rampardos: Torso ~ DONATED BY KeIdeo (Past Member)
Rampardos: Skull ~ DONATED BY Lazy-a-Ile
Bastiodon: Torso

Bastiodon: Skull ~ DONATED BY Black-RosePetals (Past Member)
Mamoswine: Torso
Mamoswine: Tusk
Heatran *EVENT ONLY*
Archeops: Torso ~ DONATED BY: Dianamond
Archeops: Skull ~ DONATED BY Lhumina
Arcehops: Left Wing ~ DONATED BY sbslink
Arcehops: Right Wing
Tyrunt: Torso
Tyrunt: Skull
Tyrantrum: Tail
Tyrantrum: Torso
Tyrantrum: Skull
Amaura: Torso
Amaura: Neck
Amaura: Skull
Aurorus: Torso
Aurorus: Neck
Aurorus: Skull
Old Amber
Helix Fossil
Dome Fossil

Root Fossil ~ DONATED BY TamarinFrog
Armor Fossil
Skull Fossil ~ DONATED BY coyotepack
Plume Fossil ~ DONATED BY sbslink
Cover Fossil ~ DONATED BY ScyTehScyther
Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil

:bulletred: ART EXHIBIT :bulletred:

Calender Events & Birthdays

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 8:40 PM
There are all sorts of events and festivities that take place in the town of Pokette! These events can be played out in many different ways, and are usually posted on the Bulletin Board journal to make everyone aware of when they are taking place. They may be chat room events, art or contest submissions, games, and many more ideas! Either way, by participating in these events, you can earn extra Bells and collectable, special items to boot!

Many of these events run on real time, in real life, and are taken from various the Animal Crossing games. Not all of the events may take place, depending on the group schedule.

We also believe that birthdays are a special thing that should be shared with everyone! It celebrates the day you were born! If there is a birthday taking place on a specific day, a announcement will be stated on the Bulletin Board journal for all to see! Let us wish everyone a very merry birthday!

You may also jump to a certain event month using these quick links, instead of scrolling. Each canon event listed will be linked to the Animal Crossing wikia explanation:

:pokeball: CALENDER EVENTS :pokeball:

:bulletblue: JANUARY (WINTER) :bulletblue:

1st: New Year's Day
--- Special Item(s): New Year Mask

26th: Yay Day
--- Special Item(s): NONE

:bulletblue: FEBRUARY (WINTER) :bulletblue:

2nd: Watchog Day
--- Special Item(s): NONE

14th: Valentine's Day
--- Special Item(s): Heart Scale (Female Residents), Sweet Heart (Male Residents)

20th: Festivale
--- Special Item(s): Sunset Sash, Sacred Ash

:bulletgreen: MARCH (SPRING) :bulletgreen:

16th (Third Sunday, 2014): Lopunny Day
--- Special Item(s): Legendary Trio Eggs (Azelf, Mespit. Uxie)

17th: Shamrock Day
--- Special Item(s): Clover

21st: Sports Fair
--- Special Item(s): Power Anklet, Power Band, Power Belt, Power Bracer, Power Lens, Power Weight

:bulletgreen: APRIL (SPRING) :bulletgreen:

1st: April Fool's Day
--- Special Item(s): Pitfall, Tricky Pitfall

5th: Chery Blossom Festival
--- Special Item(s): Cherrim Jewel

22nd: Nature Day
--- Special Item(s): Gracidea Flower

25th (Last Friday, 2014): Weeding Day
--- Special Item(s): Jacob's Ladder

:bulletgreen: MAY (SPRING) :bulletgreen:

1st: Spring Cleaning
--- Special Item(s): Squished Roach

11th (Second Sunday, 2014): Mother's Day
--- Special Item(s): Pink Carnation

:bulletyellow: JUNE (SUMMER) :bulletyellow:

15th (Third Sunday, 2014): Father's Day
--- Special Item(s): Red Carnation

21st: Summer Solstice
--- Special Item(s): Sun Stone, Solrock Doll, Black Glasses

:bulletyellow: JULY (SUMMER) :bulletyellow:

1st: Pokette Day
--- Special Item(s): Crown, Royal Crown

8th: Founder's Day
--- Special Item(s): Yearly Ribbon

:bulletyellow: AUGUST (SUMMER) :bulletyellow:

8th: Town Tree Ceremony
--- Special Item(s): Tree Sapling

11th (Second Sunday, 2013): Fireworks Show
--- Special Item(s): Party Popper, Pokéball Bopper

15th: Meteor Shower
--- Special Item(s): Sugar Stars, Star Dust, Star Piece, Comet Piece

25th (Fourth Sunday, 2013): Fireworks Show
--- Special Item(s): Party Popper, Pokéball Bopper

:bulletorange: SEPTEMBER (AUTUMN) :bulletorange:

2nd (First Monday, 2013): Labor Day
--- Special Item(s): NONE

19th: Autumn Moon
--- Special Item(s): Moon Ball, Lunatone Doll, Lunar Feather

:bulletorange: OCTOBER (AUTUMN) :bulletorange:

12th: Explorer's Day
--- Special Item(s): Rocky Helmet, Golden Shovel

15th - 25th: Mushrooming Season
--- Special Item(s): Famous Mushroom

31st: Halloween
--- Special Item(s): Smoke Ball, Fluffy Tail, PokeDoll, Reaper's Cloth, Rare Candy, Halloween Furniture Set

:bulletorange: NOVEMBER (AUTUMN) :bulletorange:

1st: Mayor's Day
--- Special Item(s): Mayor Sash

2nd: All Souls Day
--- Special Item(s): Duskull Mask, Mismagius Mask

11th: Officer's Day
--- Special Item(s): Police Hat

28th: Harvest Festival
--- Special Item(s): Pretty Feather, Berry Cornucopia

29th: Sale Day
--- Special Item(s): Pinwheel, Balloon, Pikachu Balloon

:bulletblue: DECEMBER (WINTER) :bulletblue:

1st: Snow Day
--- Special Item(s): NONE

21st: Winter Solstice
--- Special Item(s): Icy Rock

24th - 25th: Toy Day
--- Special Item(s): Jingle's Hat, Jingle's Coat, Jingle's Mittens, Jingle's Boot, Jingle Furniture Set

31st: New Year's Countdown
--- Special Item(s):NONE

:pokeball: BIRTHDAYS :pokeball:

To make organization easier, we keep track of all group member information via Google docs.

All character birthdays are listed by their owners dA usernames. Months are listed via columns, while days are listed via rows. If you'd like to find your name quickly, use your internet search function, AKA the F3 button, and type in your username. The text will be highlighted. Click the link below to view the document!

:pointr: RESIDENT BIRTHDAYS :pointl:
Special Item: Birthday Cake

Shops List

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 8:40 PM
In Pokette Town, as well as beyond the train tracks over on Main Street, there are all kinds of wonderful businesses and boutiques for you to browse and carouse! Many of these shops sell all sorts of different things, others are there to help you look your best, and so much more! Either way, please feel free to take a look around!

:pokeball: NPC ESTABLISHMENT BLOGS :pokeball:

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: Real Estate: Zook's Homes

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: Postal Service: Post Office

:bulletyellow: General Store: Nooklings

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: Accessories: Able Sisters

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: Museum: Pokette Museum

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: Town Improvement: Pokette Town Hall

:bulletyellow: Thrift Store: Re-Tail

:bulletyellow: Law Enforcement: Pokette Police Station

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]

:bulletyellow: [ VACANT SPACE ]


Isabelle: I'm so sorry, but these shops are unavailable! Come back soon! :iconpuerto-ricoplz:

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